Your SDC Vieux-Québec (Old Quebec)

A business development corporation (S.D.C. – Société de développement commercial) is a non-profit association formed to stimulate the economic development of a given area.

There are currently 7 SDCs in Quebec City.

“SDC du Vieux-Québec” was incorporated at the end of the month of December 2014. The initiative was the result of the combined effort of visionary retailers and business people convinced that an SDC for Old Quebec would provide for its development over the short, medium and long terms.

SDC du Vieux-Québec comprises over 230 members (retailers, restaurants, hotels, business offices, museums and more), all of which have their place of business somewhere on the historic district’s territory. The members of the SDC’s Board of Directors represent geographical sectors and areas of commercial or business activities in Old Quebec.

SDC du Vieux-Québec currently employs two people full time to ensure the success of different projects and activities in its district.

  • Bringing its members together and setting up a unified business unit. 
  • Work on sharing ideas, current issues, realistic solutions. 
  • Ensure the development and promotion of the neighborhood. 
  • Contribute to have a living and working environment. 
  • Provide promotional and organizational support for the different activities in Old Quebec.
  • Promote attractions, businesses, services and activities that represent the difference in the business district of Old Québec and that also reflect its heritage and historical aspects.

Board of directors

  • Marco Duschesne


    Librairie Pantoute

  • Allyson Rusk


    Le D'Orsay

  • Leea Craig


    Artisans Canada

  • Jean-François Barré


    Pub Saint-Alexandre

  • Catherine Cheruet


    Monsieur Jean

  • Marjorie Laprise


    Mary's Popcorn

  • Mélanie Simard


    City of Québec


Services aux membres

  • Promotion our members and the commercial activities in Old Quebec

    Promote our members and the commercial activities in Old Quebec : website and social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter), advertising campaigns, strategic partnerships, press relations and diversified media exposure.

  • Representation and partnership building

    Represent and defend the interests of our members.

    Build partnerships with government (municipal, provincial, federal) and private organizations to support and promote the economic development of Old Quebec.

Documents, rules and other useful informations

Become an SDC member

  • Membre cotisant

    Business places that have an address in the commercial district of SDC VIeux-Québec (Old Quebec) are members. Membership fees are mandatory. Members must have paid their dues to vote at meetings of the Corporation.
    The fee is collected by the City of Québec and given to the SDC. It is subject to TPS and TVQ.

  • Membre volontaire

    Any person who holds a business establishment outside the SDC or occupies a building, other than a business establishment, located in or outside the SDC District, may voluntarily join our organization.

    The cost is $ 510 / member annually.

    Form _ Volunteer Member (French version only)

Frequently asked questions

  • Qu'est-ce qu'une SDC?

    -Société de développement commercial.
    -Outil pour assurer la vitalité économique d'un centre-ville ou d'une artère commerciale.
    -Outil permanent dont le financement est assuré par une cotisation versée par les entreprises membres du territoire.
    -Outil géré par les gens d'affaires pour les gens d'affaires.

  • Pourquoi une SDC chez-nous?

    -Pour mieux faire connaître notre zone commerciale et ses entreprises.
    -Pour accroître l'achalandage et bien positionner notre centre-ville.
    -Pour mettre en valeur les traits distinctifs de notre périmètre commercial et les avantages d'y faire des affaires (ex. situation géographique favorable, marché intéressant, etc.).

  • Quels sont les rôles et moyens d'une SDC?

    -Promouvoir et développer une zone commerciale par tous les moyens jugés nécessaires et imaginés par le conseil d'administration de la SDC.